80% reduction

in customer complaints and over 25% reduction in unit cost on electromechanical medical device box through VAVE efforts

Project & Details

Corporate headquarters for a major Medical Device manufacturer

Recent launch of a Medical Device box had not been successful with quality issues, out-of-box failures and a difficult user interface causing very high customer dissatisfaction resulting in loss of market share. Making matters worse is the high costs significantly impacting margins.

Project launched to address these challenges in 3 phases over 18 months prioritized based on customer dissatisfaction, complexity, ease of implementation & cost.

Tools & Technology

  • Complete project management
  • Product Reengineering & VAVE
  • Should be cost modeling & sourcing
  • Verification & Validation
  • Improved IFUs, manuals & training
  • Equipment testing solutions
  • Trouble-shooting guides for service teams


  • 80% reduction in complaints
  • Unit price reduction of over 25%
  • Significant improvements in customer satisfaction
  • Market share stabilized

Customer Testimonial

A good extension to our team. FiunEx was able to deploy top-notch resources very quickly. There out-of-box thinking helped make improvements in an aggressive time frame. Impressive supply chain knowledge in box build industry. Best off-shore team integration in my experience – doesn’t feel like an island.