Manufacturing Value Creation

Manufacturing & Supply Chain operations in Life Sciences companies face unique pressures. Internal financial pressures, the need for ultimate quality, and increasingly complex and demanding regulatory requirements all present impediments to changing business needs. In addition, the need for extensive validation slows the ability to adopt new process-related technologies commonplace in other industries. Add to this the growing demand for customization and personalization.

Faced with unpredictable demand, a globally-dependent and driven life sciences supply chain, and a highly regulated process, how can manufacturers improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations?

We work closely with our clients to drive operational efficiency and Supply Chain excellence solutions that enable efficiency and collaboration.

Operational Efficiency

  • Lean Six Sigma training & implementation
  • End-to-end Value Stream cost optimization
  • OEE / OPE Improvement
  • Reliability centered maintenance excellence
  • Risk-based quality sampling
  • Plant organization optimization & transactional efficiency
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Plant Cultural Pillars

Procurement & Supply Chain Excellence

  • Make vs. Buy analysis
  • Commodity Management – Resin, Metals, Electro-mechanical boxes
  • LCC Sourcing
  • Alternate Supplier & material selection
  • Should-be cost modeling
  • Supplier Management
  • Integrated Business Planning
  • ABC Analysis
  • Business continuity planning