Manufacturing Value

Manufacturing Value Creation


Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations in Life Sciences companies face unique pressures. The need for ultimate quality and increasingly complex and demanding Regulatory requirements, all present impediments to changing business needs. In addition, the need for extensive validation slows the ability to adopt new process related technologies commonplace in other industries, add to this the growing demand for customization and personalization.

Faced with unpredictable demand, a globally dependent and driven Life Sciences Supply Chain and a highly regulated process, how can manufacturers improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations?

We collaborate with our clients to drive operational efficiency and Supply Chain Excellence Solutions that enable proficiency and quality.



Footprint Rationalization

Better global reach and cost savings for our clients is always our goal in consideration with savings opportunities by mitigating Tax and Tariff risks

Reduced supply chain cost and complexity with improved lead times

Reduced staff turnover and labor costs

Tailored based on Tax and Trade agreements

Green Field & Brown Field Start-up

Site selection to first part production is our strength, with full ownership of upbringing the suited building setup till validations of production processes.

Site selection to Process implementation

Hands-on experience with both Greenfield and Brownfield startups for any operational requirement

Detailed analysis on Brownfield Vs Greenfield setups to help finalize the path forward

Product & Technology Transfer

Understanding the process and R&D methodologies for better at GEMBA implementation

Detailed DFM analysis and GMP implementation for robustness prior to process scale up

Detailed Test methods with proper IQ, OQ and PQ to test process limits prior to scale up

Process risk analysis and training plan for on ground production team

Contract Manufacturing

Selection of CM and processing of confidentiality agreement

Feasibility study, process development and validation

Process Automation

Concept to inception of automated process

Thorough validation of the automated systems (IQ, OQ, PQ, FAT)

Low Risk and High throughput

Minimal human intervention leading to reduction of errors

LEAN Enterprise

Process benchmarking

Value Analysis and Management


Total Productive Maintenance

Transactional Process Improvement

Six Sigma

Target Cost management

case studies

case studies