Supply Chain &
Operations Services

Supply Chain & Operations Services


Our Supply Chain and Operations Services focus on resolving the complex problems and issues impeding the growth and opportunities of your company. We understand the objectives and goals of an organization and help define the overall strategy to improve , focus and channelize the energy towards the success of your leadership and organization.

We serve your organization by customizing a framework of services to help align our activities with the continual growth of your entity and by minimizing your spending and overarching issues with availability of talent.



Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning (End to End SIOP)

Well experienced team, with better understanding of high mix environments and operational variabilities to execute the end-to-end planning activities in coordination with important stake holders

ABC, FSN classifications, lead time expectations, Backlog and Back-order management

Manufacturing and Distribution network and capacity planning

End to End Planning – Demand to Supply planning, Production scheduling, Inventory optimization across the network, E&O management

Integration with CRM like SFDC to better optimize future demand signals

Strategic Procurement

Global supplier base with experienced technical team having better understanding of timelines and business needs cater to your sourcing needs of raw material, components, packaging material, as well as private labeled finished goods.

Business case development based on Total Landed Cost

Identifying suppliers globally based on customer business needs (Cost Savings, business continuity, Lead time reduction)

Verification, Validation and ongoing supplier relationship management

Due Diligence - Achieving Synergy targets during Acquisition

Category expertise – Electronic and Electrical components, Resins and Plastic components, Metals, Chemistries, Glass and Glassware, Packaging material

Identification of OEMs, Contract manufacturing partners and related Technology transfer

Tactical Procurement command center

One of our low-cost services where our procurement team takes care of fulfilling the material requirements based on the demand needs and reorder points while tactically looking for alternate sources based on market conditions

Improved supply chain visibility for continued business operations and growth (Multi-Tier)

Purchase Order management – Approval to Delivery

Coordination with Logistic Partners for on time shipments and freight cost reduction

Material Supply

In the current volatile Global market, finding a right source with consistency, perfect quality and priced material is the biggest challenge for the industry, we solve it by being your One Stop Shop.

Global reach

Consistent supply with required quality

Tailored for your savings goals

Customer Service - Order management

Our team of experts are available 24/7 to handle your B2B or B2C order management and fulfillment processes with utmost satisfaction with great knowledge of Inco terms based on your business needs.

Dedicated customer engagement to allow seamless processing with time flexibility

Transparent process enabling visibility to all activities

Handling and Reporting of overall process

transportation and logistics audit

Our T&L (transportation and logistics) audit team typically provides various services to help companies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their transportation and logistics operations.

Analysis of T&L networks to determine the cost-effective and efficient options with detailed dashboard and reports

T&L process review to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, saving cost by benchmarking to industry standards.

GL coding to T&L transactions ensuring proper reconciliation with financial records and compliances.

Establish KPIs for T&L operations and provide regular performance reports.

Comparison of T&L operations with industry peers to identify best practices and areas for improvement.

Provides ongoing support for continuous improvement and regular review of the company's T&L operations.

case studies

case studies